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Welcome to our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange! We are an innovative platform that enables cryptocurrency trading without intermediaries.
Key Features:
1.Decentralization: We eliminate intermediaries, allowing users to trade directly. Your funds remain under your full control.
2.Security Benefits: We prioritize security. Our funds are held in smart contracts, ensuring reliability and transparency.
3.Diverse Cryptocurrency Selection: We offer a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs for trading, enabling users to diversify their portfolios.
4.Token Pre-sale: Right now, you have a unique opportunity to participate in our token pre-sale and become one of the first owners of our tokens, potentially bringing you future benefits.

How to buy

We invest more resources than any other platform in making sure great support from real people is a click away, whenever



Make sure you have ETH in your wallet and connect to the site with MetaMask . Swap for BFTX tokens.



If you prefer, you can swap USDT for BFTX. Approve the use of USDT in your wallet and make sure you have ETH